Safety Codes and Parking Lot Information

Safety codes for Mills Students

Lockout - Secure the Perimeter

Lockdown - Locks, Lights, Out of Sight

Evacuate - To Announced Location

Shelter - Hazard and Safety Strategy

Your child’s teacher reviews these codes frequently so that everyone understands what each code word means.  This code system is uniform throughout the entire Hobbs Schools district.

·         When dropping off or picking up your child always drive in a single file line.


·         Please drop off your child on the North side of the school near the front doors.  Please pull forward as far as possible.  This enables the line to move quickly.  You may also let your child off in the vacant lot to the east of the building.  Allow the crossing guard to walk them across the street. 


·         After school, pick up your child in the loading zone in front of the school building. Remain in a single line until the car in front of you pulls forward.  You may park along the street, get out of your car, and escort your child back to your car.  We do allow pick-ups in the vacant lot to the east of the building and the alley behind the building on the south.


·         Always use precaution and drive slowly around the school.


·         Please use the crosswalks and encourage your child to do the same.


·         Please respect the directions of the duty teachers and the crossing guard.  They are trying to protect everyone’s child and prevent any accidents.


·         Please take the extra minute or two to be cautious, courteous, and safe.








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