K/Reading Block/ Letter Recognition and Sound/ Kk/ Uppercase & Lowercase/ Sound out; sky write; color letter K. ELD Teacher elaboration/correction/student feedback. K.1, g, l.


1st gr. Reading block/ Sight words/ Orally read current story from classroom. Student will practice orally reading. Teacher correction/ student feedback. See Ramirez, Bromley, Manes & Henry. 1.1b, j, k, o.


2nd gr. Orally read current story/ Students will practice reading orally/Study vocabulary words/Sight words/ Teacher clarification/ student feedback 2.1 c, d, e, I, k, l.


3rd gr. Orally read current classroom story / See Young/ Elliott/Go over vocabulary/ Skill lesson-Generalizing/Spelling/ . 3.1d, e, I, j. 3.3 a, b.


4th gr. Read “ On The Pampas; Spelling; Adding -ed & -ing./Skill lesson; Generalizing./ 4.1f, g, 4.4 a, b.


5th gr. Orally read current classroom story/ See Fields, Lindner & Kirk. Go over vocabulary/ Compare and contrast. Grammer: adjectives. 5.1 o, 5.2 a, j.


6th gr. Go over vocabulary/ Spelling/ Current classroom story/Reading skill lesson: Drawing conclusions . See Haggerton, Pizzo, Craig. 6.1 a, b, 6.5 a.  

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